Never Have Card Data Revealed To Your Business Again!

Security & Resilience assured:

PCI DSS* compliance is a mandatory requirement that all businesses must follow. The cost and effort required to obtain and maintain accreditation can be significant. More importantly, the consequences of fraud are potentially devastating to a merchant; damage to brand reputation, regulator fines and enforced audits cannot be understated.

PIMS offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to significantly reduce their PCI DSS compliance effort through a one-stop-shop solution that includes compliance within an intuitive web-based system (akin to a call centre solution). Both internal and external threats are addressed by preventing any sensitive cardholder data being exposed to your IT infrastructure and operatives, ultimately presenting the most simplified PCI compliance journey for your business.

Telephone Payments Secured:

Telephone payments are not only the hardest channel to secure, they also incur the highest acquirer transaction processing fees. Contact centre solutions, such as hosted online portals, expose the cardholder data to the operator, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology accumulates considerable costs and effort to implement.

PIMS delivers merchants of all sizes a solution that transforms telephone payments into more secure e-commerce transactions. Telephone operators are no longer required to ask for their client’s debit/credit card numbers; the only customer detail PIMS requires is the non-sensitive mobile phone or email address. The added benefit of reduced transaction processing costs (as well as, fraud prevention tools such as 3D Secure), provides merchants with the most cost effective call centre payment facility in the industry. Not only will your clients appreciate the extra PIMS security, by volunteering their email and mobile numbers, you can use their contact details for future communication and marketing exercises.

Get rid of your Chip-and-Pin machine:

For a small business, the extra cost of chip-and-pin terminals, and the inconvenience of having the customer at hand to process their card data (which is impossible if you are taking payments over the phone or online) is compounded by the extra administration of reconciling payments to the customer’s account – this can further lead to duplications, mistakes and double-entry head-aches.

Operate your business without a chip-and-pin terminal by sending PIMS payment requests directly to your customers (via Email or SMS text), who will in turn enter their card details securely, and you will get paid instantly. In addition to reducing the time and effort in manually processing the payment (either over the phone or using a chip-and-pin machine), PIMS will seamlessly reconcile the transaction to your customer’s account and your customer can instantly receive a receipt/invoice for the payment (i.e. no additional statements or invoicing). What’s more, now that you have your customer’s contact details and trust, you can nurture this valuable relationship through Email/SMS communications, promotions and repeat payments.

White Label Services:

PIMS enables independent sale organisations (ISOs) and value-added resellers (VARs) the opportunity to fully white label the product, with no effort whatsoever. Customised branding (at all user interface levels) permits partner resellers the opportunity to deliver their clients a secure, reliable and PCI DSS compliant payment solution. Partner resellers are able to supply their clients the fastest implementation of any e-commerce/call centre payment facility in the industry.

* PCI DSS = Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

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