Never Have Card Data Revealed To Your Business Again!

PIMS brings Merchants the most progressive online payment facility”


PIMS stands for PayitMyself – it is a business solution which enables card-not-present transactions to be channeled through to the client’s own phone or computer. Thus, it removes the risks involved in clients revealing credit/debit card details over the phone.

As a secure online solution (certified by Verifone and SagePay), PIMS offers businesses a facility to accept e-commerce payments without any website or infrastructure. Merchants are able to implement PIMS with no integration or development costs, and ultimately increase client security, confidence & loyalty. All this, plus transaction and management reports, for a single monthly fee.



The PIMS solution provides a simple interface that requires only the transaction amount and contact detail (i.e. a mobile phone number or an email address). PIMS seamlessly delivers payment requests to clients via SMS text and/or email. Clients select the PayitMyself link inside the message to open a secure card data capture page. Once the Client has entered their own card details, payment results are returned to the Cardholder and the Merchant.

Using the PIMS dashboard, Merchants can monitor every step of the transaction; traffic lights are assigned to each transaction to mark the moment that the client receives the SMS/email, the second the client clicks on the PyitMyself link, and the success/failure status of the transaction once the client has completed the card payment details.

CarPay stepsClick here to watch PIMS in action: 


If you want to process debit or credit card transactions, you will first need a Merchant Account from a high street bank or subsidiary company (also known as Acquirer). The Acquirer will request a range of information from you (e.g. type of business, average transaction value, forecast turnover, frequency and business risks), to enable them to make a decision, which can take between one to four weeks. In addition to the monthly fee for your Merchant Account, the Acquirer will charge you for the Security standard (PCI-DSS), mandated by the industry.

Next, you will use your Merchant ID to obtain a payment gateway account from either  Verifone or SagePay (PIMS has been certified by both providers) who charge a monthly fee for their service. Finally, you are ready to start using PIMS for all of your client card payment needs. Our fees can be viewed in the Pricing section, and we can help/guide you with all of the above steps.





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