Never Have Card Data Revealed To Your Business Again!

PIMS pricing is based on a simple monthly fee model, which covers all aspects of your solution (see Pricing table). Depending on your chosen level of functionality, the equivalent transaction fee can be as little as 10 pence:

 Example: Lite Lite+ Pro Enterprise
Comparison cost (per transaction) 50 p 33 p 15 p 10 p

The following PIMS prices are for guidance only and are subject to change. Up-front payments (one-off & monthly fees) are required prior to access. The following pre-requisite accounts must be obtained through third-parties, prior to accessing PIMS (we can help you with both of them):

  • Merchant ID account, from your chosen Acquiring Bank
  • Payment Gateway account, from SagePay or Verifone
All Prices are in Pounds Sterling, and exclude any expenses, taxes (e.g. 20% VAT), external services or agreed changes to the Initial Requirements. Please contact us for a Quote.
PRICING TABLE Lite Lite+ Pro Enterprise
User licence fee (per user/month) £ 5 £ 10 £ 15 £ CALL
Payment dashboard check check check check
Email-based Payments check check check check
SMS-based Payments (+top-ups) * _ check check check
Client and Payment management _ _ check check
Management Charts and Reports _ _ check check
Multi-branch and multi-currency _ _ check check
Bespoke Payment interface options _ _ _ check
Bank reconciliation options _ _ _ check
Workflow and integration options _ _ _ check
Dedicated white-label solution _ _ _ check
Lite Lite+ Pro Enterprise
Max. Transactions, per user/month ** 10 30 100 300
Contract Length & Notice Period 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 Year
Technical Support (during working hours) Email Email E+Phone E+P+Site
Minimum no. Of Users, per company 1 1 3 10
User set-up fee, per user (one-off) £ 100 £ 100 £ 50 £ 50
 *  SMS/Text top-up credits: £10 (100 credits = 10p per SMS) or £50 (1000 credits = 5p per SMS)
** Maximum Transactions per user/month can be increased, from as  little as £5 per user/month

For more information, please call: 0845 860 9135 or email: